Nieves Alvarez

“Passion and devotion to the world of fashion”

Villalobos + Nieves Alvarez


"My passion and devotion to the world of fashion is obvious, and represents the unique landscape where I live and I develop my professional goals... Becoming a mother in the has opened a new horizon for me full of color and imagination...
Children ... I want to recreate permanent stimulus of fantasy for them in the collection".


"Life! My life. Watching my children with their games, movements ...and even their antics. A trip, a movie, an exhibition; the cyclic light and of course my hobbies. Among them, butterflies. They represent a whole different universe of textures and colors that can be discovered".


"Discipline and concentration on the one hand, but also a tendency towards organised improvisation".

Villalobos + Nieves Alvarez


THE 60's

The Villalobos children's brand was founded in the 60´s and quickly developed into a family business run by women, entrepreneurial and creative women who were able to reconcile work with family life already in that era. All of our employees and collaborators are women, still today.


Sharing the mutual fascination of the children and fashion world, the Villalobos sisters and Nieves Alvarez meet each other and decide to give life to a new brand.

Villalobos + Nieves Alvarez

N+V is the result of the union between the intense relationship that Nieves Alvarez has with the world of fashion and her current view as a mother and the extensive experience as designers and entrepreneurs of the Villalobos sisters in the world of creating and producing children's clothing.

"Together we have created a brand with the same values of our flagship Villalobos line. Villalobos is a luxury brand in terms of its exclusivity and limited production with many decades of experience".

"We want to create different collections for today's kids... dressed as children without losing their own style".

"We want to reach different people, sensible to quality clothing, and to the elegance of simplicity".


For Children with a personality looking for something different.

Comfort and Versatility

We use smart fabric that adapt to the children's activities.


Limited production editions.

Educational and Fun

The collections designed to help to develop a sense of aesthetics and personality of the children. The clothing selection process becomes a new game where parents and children coincide and interact.

Unorganised Coordination

All the dresses express freedom of choice and invite the children to create new combinations without any specific look guidelines. With only few items a child can dress differently every day.

Artisanal Identity

The collections are all individually handmade from cut to finish.

The N+V collection is designed for boys and girls from 2 to 12 years.